This was 2013

Another year is already over. So, let’s have a look how it has been to me:

2013 surely has been one of the most exhausting years of my life, but it also changed a lot.
The first half of the year I wrote my MA-thesis, finished it in summer and finally got my degree in early autumn.

This was undoubtedly the most profund change in my life. As long as I can remember I have either been a pupil or a student, now I am done, I can work, I finished what I wanted to! Stunning, I am not sure if I already understood it completely.

And we moved, another major step this year. From our 2-room flat right under the roof into a spacious 4-room apartment. And though we have some issues with this flat as well, it is certainly an improvement and a good starting point to see, what to do next and how to structure our life for the forthcoming years.

Now, let’s talk about this blog. In the past 12 months I wrote 37 blogposts. 2013’s projects were my first steps in tatting, my fake-fur collar, a tablecloth-circleskirt, my 1946-handkerchief-bra,  the pencilskirt to match my polkadot-blouse, 1942-culottes, the corduroy-pinafore for my niece, my candycane-bow neck blouse and the Marlene Esser-shift dress.

Not much, but more than I guessed, I have the feeling I have done nothing this year, it flew so quickly.

So, what about the projects still lying around?

The Fall-for-Cotton-dress

Technically it is finished, but because I didn’t manage to complete the matching bolero, I want to wait until the whole ensemble is ready to be presented.
Left to do: Attach one last (!) ribbon to the bolero and gather the lower edge.

My 1940ies coat

The most recent picture, this was in march. Meanwhile it is completely assembled and lined. Unfortunately the fit is far from good and the sleeve-lining is too short.
Left to do: undo the seam on the sleeves’ hems, insert a line of bias-binding to gain at least some centimetres, hope that it will be enough; hem it; stitch the front-facing in place; attach buttons and press fasteners.

My Chiné-à-la-branche-dress

I attached it to the pink dress and handstitched the lining of the dress (it was visible on the neckline).  Unfortunately, a chemical cleaning wasn’t able to remove the stains from the skirt (but hopefully the smell from the dress), now it is hanging in my closet, but I still do not dare to wash it, fearing that the colours will bleed.
Left to do: wash, hope, maybe attach tulle to form a built-in petticoat (or simply wear a seperate one)

My English-Quilt

I am close to finishing the 3rd part out of five, but have to say that I wasn’t very ambitious to make a progress this year.
Left to do: well, assembling hexagons, and quilting in the far, far future.

The flowered-silk-dress

That’s really long ago. I bought this silk in march 2012 and promised to turn it into a dress. Left to do: Well, the pattern pieces for the lining are drawn onto the fabric, but not yet cut. Yes, that’s all 🙂

Other project not yet mentioned here:
There are still some other projects I am working on. One is a dress around 1800, made from a printed cotton fabric I bought in Lyon in 2012. As a pattern I am using an original one published in Janet Arnolds “Patterns of fashion 1”. I have come so far to construct a lining in a very stiff upholstery fabric, planning to subtitute the short stay worn under it with this. Still to be done has: completing this lining, meaning finishing the edges, adding a closure and some boning and then to cut and assemble the upper fabric.

And a cover for my mandolin, but I fear I will never finish it, so it doesn’t have to be discussed here in detail. 😉

At the moment I am experimenting with a pre-historical pattern, made from modern fabrics to test, how wearable it still is.

Mh, and there is this hilarious crocheted pullover, I am not sure I even want to complete.

Now, I won’t start to enlist all the ideas running in my mind that only wait to get started (oh, this would really put me under pressure^^)

Depending on how busy the next few days will be, maybe I will be writing another post before the year is over, but I really can’t tell.

So much for today, see you soon,