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Some weeks ago I strolled across the market in Berne. One seller is a little different than the others, his stand looks more as if he mistook the event for a flea market. All he sells is old books, fabric scraps,90ies pop cds,  more or less old and/or interesting haberdashery and some, mostly ugly, clothes. Fabrics and clothes are sold in umbrellas turned upside down and he always sits behind his goods smoking a incredibly large cigar.
Somehow I like it and I have bought multiple fabrics from him.

This time I found a red tshirt in his clothing-umbrella. Nothing special, but good quality and obviously only slightly too large (I hate altering shirts, especially the sleeves. So only a little too large means I can avoid re-modeling the shoulders and get away with shifting the side seams a little), for 1 CHF quite worth a try.

At home I altered it to my size only to realize it had some small stains on the front (yes, of course I had washed it before altering). Seemed as if it hadn’t been that good a deal at all.

Well, there is always room for improvement and I could still throw it away, so I thought why not give it a try and cover the stains.

My inspiration was Elsa Schiaparelli herself. The starting point of her career was a knitted jumper patterned with a large bow on the front, today in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum. Well, there is still this tiny little white spot in my crafting universe, I can’t knit! I tried it, it’s ok, it worked somehow but not good, maybe I will try again but I didn’t want to wait that long to make something inspired by this garment.

If you know me you already know what my answer to a lack of knowledge or time or patience is: fabric paint 😉

A quick image search online supplied me with all I needed to draft a bow onto the shirt front, as you see a much cuter and gift-wrap-kind-of-bow Schiaparelli used, maybe this is the key to her success, I still like it far more than my own version.

I used black fabric paint, first drew the outlines and afterwards filled it with paint. You can see some brighter spots and dark areas, it is less evident in real life. In addition I wanted to see how it looks after having been washed to make some final corrections.

DSC_0149 (2)
shirt: ette/flea market, skirt: ette/Lutterloh pattern, shoes: New Yorker, bracelets: flea market

Next time I will insist on taking the photos again with our real camera, this mobile always changes the colours and produces a weird angle.

See you soon and enjoy the sun,

love, ette

5 thoughts on “cheap substitute

  1. Aloha Ette:-),
    dankeschön für deinen langen Kommentar zum Täschchen, hat mir echt weitergeholfen!
    Habe es mir dann nach meinem Urlaub mal ausführlicher angeschaut und die Fäden mit denen die Perlen angenäht sind, sehen sehr neu aus, also keine Alterserscheinungen.
    Vielleicht handelt es sich einfach um eine sehr, sehr gute Kopie.
    Ich mag sie trotzdem gerne leiden:-)

  2. Ach mist, da sollte noch etwas zu kommen, also zu meinem Kommentar-.-#
    dann schreibe ich halt einen zweiten;-)
    Die Sache mit der Assezoires Tasche ist ja großartig, ich “liebe” es, wenn Verkäufer die Gutmütigkeit von Vintageliebhabern ausnutzen wollen.
    Nun zu deinem Outfit, ich liebe das Schleifchenoberteil und den Rock, da passt einfach alles. dazu noch dein verschmitztes Lächeln, echt schön:-)
    Wünsche dir ein wunderschönes Wochenende
    alles Liebe Jen

  3. Hey, das nenn ich mal eine gute Methode um lästigen Flecken den Kampf anzusagen! Mir gefällt deine Schleife echt gut und sie ist auf jeden Fall auch ein Hingucker geworden. 🙂

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