Getrödelt, gefunden, gefreut

On the very first of Juli we signed a contract to hire a new appartment, that means we will move in October. I already fear moving with all the stuff I have, so I tried to avoid charity shops and flea markets during the last weeks. But of cause, I couldn’t be completely abstinent, here are some of the things I found.

First the ones, that don’t need much explanation: Two linen damask napkins, some beautiful fabric handkerchiefs (from elegant to psychodelic^^), a veil with a cute bow on a hair comb (unfortunately the veil had many holes and I had to shorten it a little to cut them away), a ceramic mould and some wave clips.

I had already bought the wave clips on the flea market, when I found this: A little box filled with antique metal hair clips of different sorts:

They are quite dirty, some have some kind of glue on them, others are crooked. But I was fascinated by the variety of forms and for 3CHF I wasn’t able to leave them behind.

In the boy I found 25 different kinds of clips. 25!!! I couldn’t even imagine that you can realize the standard metal clip in so many different variants.

But there was another reason why I couldn’t leave them. The box was closed, when I found them, so it was the packaging that awoke my interest. Why?

A Worth-Perfume-Box! “Je reviens” was first sold in 1932 and produced until today (source). The box isn’t as old as 1932, maybe it dates from the 1950ies? So, a very little piece of Haute-Couture-History for me.

The second item I would like to present to you was found on the same flea market. It wasn’t a bargain, but not overly expensive, either. The seller asked 15CHF for it and after I had seen the rest of the market and came back to her she gave it to me for 13CHF.

Can you already guess what it could be?

Now at least all the readers who can read french, know.

It is a little sewing kit, offerered as a promotional gift by the “Grands Magasins du Louvre”, a company founded in 1855 and located in the ground floor of the Grand Hôtel du Louvre, it existed until 1974 (source).
This little goodie might date from the, what do you think, 1900s?

I hope you liked my little treasures, now I am curious to see what you found!

see you soon and enjoy the weather, love


5 thoughts on “Getrödelt, gefunden, gefreut

  1. Dankeschön! Ja, das plane ich. Muss noch ein bisschen dran arbeiten, die untere Kante noch etwas begradigen und ich hoffe ich bekomme die Schleife wieder schön, sie ist ziemlich platt.
    Weisst du, ob man sowas mit Hut trägt? Weil unter der Schleife hat er einen Haarkamm, daher dachte ich, er sollte direkt in die Frisur gesteckt werden.

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