Let’s do it the good old way

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While the number of sewing machines in my posession stagnates another small collection is constantly growing. And as with the sewing machines one could argument that I only have two hands, two feet and two eyes. But, as all sewing machine collectors might know, every machine has its advantages, this one makes a perfect straight stitch, the other one is quiet, the next is useful if you want to make buttonholes and so on.

The same applies to cameras. I love how cameras from different epoches with different films make different photos. Therefore everytime I see an interesting or cute or somehow appealing camera for a good price I can’t do different but have to buy it.

At the moment I own three different types of cameras: standard 35mm ones, roll-fillm cameras and Land cameras. I am still learning and many of the photos I shoot are far from being good, but I still I like the process of photographing as such, the feeling of holding a negative in my hands, knowing this is the only copy of the moment I captured days or weeks ago.


For the last few years my true compagnion has been a Voigtländer Vito CD, a camera produced from 1961-66. It is a cute camera with the big advantage of a built-in photometer. It works with standard 35mm-film, the one you can still buy today everywhere (in contrast to roll-films you have to buy in a specialized photo-shop).

Here are some photos I shot in the two years I have owned it now. I didn’t do any photoshopping (except for the watermark), black-and-white photos were shot on black and white film.

Während die Zahl meiner Nähmaschinen stagniert gibt es da eine andere kleine Sammlung, welche stetig wächst. Und ebenso wie bei einer grösseren Anzahl von Nähmaschinen könnte man argumentieren, dass man doch nur zwei Hände, zwei Füsse, zwei Augen hat. Doch wie mir jeder Nähmaschinensammler beipflichten wird, so hat doch jede von ihnen ihre Vorteile. Diese macht einen sehr schönen Stich, die andere ist sehr handlich, die dritte ist nützlich für Knopflöcher etc. 

Das gleiche darf für Kameras gelten. Ich mag es zu sehen, wie Kameras aus verschiedenen Zeiten mit verschiedenen Techniken/Filmen verschiedene Arten von Bildern produzieren. Daher kann ich nur schwer nein sagen, wenn mich, wo auch immer, eine niedliche Kamera zu einem vernünftigen Preis anlacht.

Zur Zeit besitze ich drei verschiedene Systeme, 35mm-Kameras, Rollfilm-Kameras und Sofortbildkameras. Ich steh immer noch ziemlich am Anfang und viele meiner Fotos sind nicht vorzeigbar, aber ich mag trotz allem den Prozess des Fotografierens und das Wissen, ein Negativ in den Händen zu halten, welches die einzige existierende Kopie eines Moments ist und der nun bereits Tage oder Wochen vergangen ist.

Seit knapp zwei Jahren ist diese Voigtländer Vito CD mein treuer Begleiter. Produziert wurde sie von 1961-66. Das praktische an ihr ist, dass sie einen eingebauten Belichtungsmesser hat.
Sie frisst normalen 35mm-Kleinbild-Film, den man bis heute in der Drogerie oder im Supermarkt kaufen kann (im Gegensatz zu Rollfilmen, die es nur noch im Fachgeschäft gibt).

Heute nun ein paar Fotos, welche ich in den letzten Jahren mit ihr geschossen habe. Abgesehen vom Wasserzeichen haben sie kein Photoshop gesehen, schwarz-weiss Fotos wurden also auf schwarz-weiss Film geknipst.

parvasedapta.ch - analogue II
Schafhausen i. E.  2014
parvasedapta.ch - analogue III
Krauchthal 2013
parvasedapta.ch - analogue V
Hindelbank 2014
parvasedapta.ch - analogue VIII
Krauchthal 2013
parvasedapta.ch - analogue XII
Burgdorf castle 2013
parvasedapta.ch -analogue I
Schafhausen i. E. 2013
parvasedapta.ch - analogue IV
Kandersteg Oeschinensee 2013
parvasedapta.ch - analogue IX
Kandersteg Oeschinensee 2013
parvasedapta.ch - analogue X
Bern Meret-Oppenheim-Brunnen 2013
parvasedapta.ch - analogue XI
Hettiswil 2013
parvasedapta.ch - analogue VII
Krauchthal 2013
parvasedapta.ch - analogue VI
London, Regents canal 2013

See you soon, love,


6 thoughts on “Let’s do it the good old way

  1. I can’t believe it! You’re so great! I used to collect old cameras, too :). I even blogged about them in my time (at almost-hasselblad.blogspot.com if you’re interested).

    Love the Vito, never owned one but wanted to check them out, especially because of the buil in lightmeter – it makes life so much easier, right? I did crave a Vitessa with its barn door. It was too expensive, though.

    By the way, it is so great to see another GIRL collecting cameras. I mean –through those years I’d been hooked on my vintage analogs, all of the other collectors were men. I’m anxious to see more of your collection and read more about it!

  2. Very nice photos! Looking forward to see the rest of your collection! I collect cameras too, but lately I try to buy only Romanian ones or some very special ones, because I have too many of them and too little space. But many times it’s too hard to resist not bringing a new old camera home :).

  3. Oh Klara, I really want to meet you now! It is unbelieveable how many interests we have in common.
    Thank you so much for the link to your old blog, you really have lots of cameras and I love to see all the different effekts on the photos.
    And how great that you develop yourself, I have to sent them to a laboratory because I don’t have enough space for yet another hobby.
    The Vito was in fact a very spontaneous buy. I went to a photo fair, mostly because I wanted to find interesting old photos or books about photographers. It was the last day and so everything was very low priced. I had only said in the car that I planned to buy an analogue camera, but not now, maybe later. And then I found it for 10 CHF, it had been 60 CHF the first day of the fair, so really a bargain. The built-in lightmeter is so handy, one reason why I have this camera with me all the time is that I use the lightmeter for the others, but the next fair is in April, hopefully I will find a cheap lightmeter so I can give it a rest.

  4. Yes, I saw your post shortly before I published mine (but I had written it earlier, so it was completely coincidental). I am trying to stop myself from buying new, half of the ones I own I haven’t even tried, I think I should do this first before I search for others. But on the other hand, if something interesting will come my way 😉

  5. Thank you so very much. This is the first time I show my photos to anyone exept my family, so it is really good to hear.

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