Merry Christmas

I wish you, your families, friends and beloved one, a very merry Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful time of joy, being together, visiting those who are dear to you, have something nice to eat and maybe something you wished for under the christmas tree.

Christmas card by Ilse Schütze

…It can be realized as a pen drawing on cardboard in black ink or sepia brown or subltly coloured: the sky cobaltblue, the fir tree green with a mixture of grey and yellow-ultramarine; the candles’ flames are yellow, the faces and hands a pale flesh colour and the hair is painted blond with a light shade of ochre. The drawing of the angels’ and clouds’ outllines is to be done in dark grey. …

In: Kunstgewerbe für’s Haus, Issue Decembre 1905

see you soon, love


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