Sweater makeover inspirations

Despite some warmer days in between snow and frozen rain, the northern hemisphere can’t deny that we will have to face another few weeks of cold and wintery weather, although we grew tired of our pullovers and wool scarfs and the other stuff our winter wardrobe consists of. Maybe one of the sweaters even caught a little hole or stain during the Christmas dinner, but buying a new one feels like asking the winter winds to stay even longer, what is the last thing we want.
Below a page to help us out of this misery. Wether we grew tired of the old sweaters or are just bored because the grey outside seems not to have changed since the middle ages and we need something to brighten our day as long as the sun is on holiday. Or if we need to cover a little accident on an otherwise perfectly loved garment 😉

This page I found in the “Marie Claire”-issue from november 8th 1941, a french fashion magazine that is still published today (though they don’t include DIY-ideas anymore, maybe because this category has its own spin-off today, the “Marie Claire idees”)

parvasedapta.ch - Marie Claire, Nov. 8th 1941
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(clockwise from the upper left)

The rays:
Add ribbons or strips of felt to the sweater, make large stitches with buttonhole- or embroidery thread to attach them (the original advise is to use cord, but I imagine this being a little too thick to work with. And when you use felt keep in mind that the felt is either washable or that you won’t be able to wash the pullover anymore).

The monogram:
Cut sleeves, shoulders and the letters of your monogram from old socks with a tartan pattern or use a piece of jersey fabric in a contrasting colour for this, attach to the sweater as shown (no advice, but I love the idea of giving old patterned socks a second life).

The riser/inset
Use an old piece of knitting, a jersey fabric leftover or some wool to turn into an inset, add a white collar.

The diagonals:
Crochet a cord to attach to the sweater as shown. Put the pullover on to pin the cord in place before sewing it (to use a crocheted cord is not a bad idea considering the pullover to stretch when worn. Elastic lace could maybe serve as an alternative. If you want to use ribbon, try first if it really works when worn).

The little bows:
Arrange little bows made from narrow ribbon in different colours on the front of the sweater and sew in place (isn’t it too cute?).


I hope you like the ideas, let me know if you try one of them,
see you soon, love,


10 thoughts on “Sweater makeover inspirations

  1. I love those “make do and mend” ideas, particularly the little bows. I remember how we used to darn our socks to fix them in the 1960s! I’m glad this kind of “upcycling” is coming back in style.

  2. Mir gefallen die Schleifchen ja sehr. Bei Couturette hatte ich Рglaube ich Рschon mal ein Pullover-Make-Over gesehen, diese Ideen hier erweitern die M̦glichkeiten noch mehr. Ich muss jetzt dringend mal wieder in einen Second Hand Shop. LG mila

  3. Ich würde auch gar nicht in die Stoffe schneiden, sondern alles applizieren. Sonst hätte ich auch Angst, dass sich so ein Pulli auflöst.

  4. I admit, I only darn my favourite socks, although I used to darn more. But I already struggle to make all the things I want to, if I would spend my evenings with darning socks I would have even less time. Maybe one day when I’ll retire, I’ll return to darning everything.
    But I love to repair or to rework things I don’t like anymore or have only a little damage, this is always a little challenge, to make something interesting and beautyful out of something old.

  5. Oh, da muss ich bei ihr gleich mal stöbern gehen, ob ich den Post finde. Zu der Zeit gab es sowas aufgrund der Umstände ja doch sehr häufig. Und so wenig ich mich in diese Zeit zurück wünsche, so sehr glaube ich doch, dass unsere Wegwerfgesellschaft etwas davon lernen kann.

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