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What I wore…to celebrate

Monday was the day…I had my very last oral exam, one hour, four topics. I was a really great exam, my Professor simply let me talk and asked some questions at the end of each topic to see if I really knew enough about the subject and was able to react to react her objecting an argument of mine.

I can’t really believe that it is all done now. Nearly as long as I can remember I went to school or to university, when I will be given my report in October I will officially be a Master of Arts. Now I will start searching a job or maybe think about directly going back to university, enlisting as a Ph.D. student.

A friend of mine had her exam after me and as soon as we were both finished we went to have lunch all together, with our professor, her assistant and my boyfriend.
Now, several other friends had their exams the next day and so I joined them on tuesday evening to celebrate a little.

What I wore: I found this dress a few months ago in a vintage shop in Bern. I saw it and knew it was older than the 70ies and 80ies stuff they sell in large numbers (they always have some 50ies and 60ies stuff as well, but I am not always lucky to find something I really like and fit into). So I bought it without even thinking how to wear it. I believe it being late 40ies/early 50ies.

After having watched it a few weeks as it was hanging on my wardrobe door I began combining it with different accesoires and shoes. I have shoes to match the colour of the outfit, I have grey ankle boots, white court shoes, light pink sandals. But it looked all horrible. The cut, the fabric, the colours, all added up to create a lovely granny effect. Lovely if you are indeed a granny and are about to celebrate you 76th birthday, but I still have 50 years to go to do that. So I was sure that I couldn’t style it authentical or even classical. What I did was to break the style combining the dress with a heavy leather belt and black boots.

Because it was pretty cool outside I also added a white cardigan.

Outside I paired it with a creme-coloured trenchcoat and a lovely early 60ies umbrella I bought at a flea market last year.

Outside it has a standard patterned fabric, but on the inside it is lined, so all the wires and bars of the umbrella are covered. Imagine women with their helmet-like 60ies hairstyle, getting tangled in an umbrella would have completely ruined the hairdo. So it was certainly a really clever idea to cover all the frame of the umbrella.

(dress: vintage, bought at Fizzen; cardigan: Carhartt; belt: from my uncle; boots: charity shop; umbrella: flea market)

Yay, Duckface, don’t ask, I was tired and came home late.

See you soon, love


What I wore…Strawberry Picking

I’m sorry for the lack of posts these days.

It is so darn hot at the moment, I do not feel any urge to go outside. I am a spring and autumn lover, I hate hot weather, burning sun or getting a tan,¬† I don’t even like to swim. But I am not in the mood of working at the sewing machine or the computer, either. Don’t ask me what I do the whole day, it is more existing than living.

I am especially sorry, because I do have some finished projects to show you, I just have to manage to take some photos of them to present them here.

In the meantime I will leave you with some photos my boyfriend made a few weeks ago, while we were picking strawberries. I wore my table-cloth-skirt and some new acquisitions I made at the Blutsgeschwister-Outlet in Weil am Rhein.

(shirt and petticoat: Blutsgeschwister, skirt: ette, shoes: Dosenbach (Deichmann), handbag: flea market, silk scarf and belt: second hand shop, fragrance: Nina Ricci – L’air du temps)

And because my boyfriend loved the first photo so much, he toyed around with it a little:

See you soon, love