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Me-Made-Mittwoch or: What I wore today

Usually there are two things that make it impossible for me to participate in the Me-Made-Mittwoch (= me made Wednesday, like me made may, but once a week): first,I forget it and only remember it took place when I read my blog feed the following morning. Second, even if I remember it I am not content with my outfit or do not wear anything selfmade that day.
Miraculously today was a day were both premises met, so welcome to the first pure outfit post in months!


Some readers may recognize the skirt, my version of a 1955/6-Lutterloh-Pattern.


The shirt was sewn after a Burda-Pattern (issue 2/2010) and I already made it in july 2012. There were a few holes in the sleeves’ seams I fixed a few days ago, so this feels nearly like a new garment. 🙂


Yes, I was in a really good mood, although I had just come home from work. And no, I didn’t wear these shoes for work, but they look so much better than the burgundy loafers I wore during the day.

shirt: ette/Burda – skirt: ette/Lutterloh – tights: Fogal, high heels: 2nd hand (Secondo Berne)/Christian Louboutin, 40s watch: flea market, ring: heirloom from my grandaunt

I wish you a nice evening, love