I won I won I won

Back in July, Goldkind made a little Giveaway to celebrate the 100.000th click on her blog (she blogs on german, but she makes so beautiful outfits and gorgeous quilts, she is a gifted crafster and scrapbooker, I always love to see what she has been doing and she is surely amongst my favourite bloggers).

And what a Giveaway. She made a stunningly beautiful handbag, all patchworked and with a silver-coloured closure. Amongst the fabrics are leftovers of some of her projects, so it is not only a bag, but it is strongly connected to her blog and herself.

I fell in love with this bag as soon as I saw it and of course I entered. Never could I have imagined that I would really win this.


I was so stunned when I saw the picture of her drawing my name from the pot.
After a short time of waiting (not because the delivery was slow, but because I had to pick it up in Germany and I didn’t have time to go there sooner) I am now finally able to see the bag in real life.

I was already squeling as I saw the parcel, she used a lace-printed-tape so I immediately knew it was from her, because she had shown this very tape a few weeks earlier in one of her posts.

(sorry, I had to open it immediately and my camera was at home, so you only get to see already ripped off paper)

And there it was:

Isn’t it adorable? It is so much bigger than it looked on the photos and so perfect!
Now, should I tell you a secret? I told you that I had imagined it smaller. You see it on the picture? You see the postcard and the chocolate beside it?
Now I will show you why it is the absolute handbag:

Both chocolate boxes! Next to each other. It is a black hole, as a handbag should be.
It’s bigger on the inside, my very own TARDIS. 😀

So, und nun nochmal auf Deutsch:

Liebes Goldkind, vielen Dank. Für das Giveaway, für dieses wundervolle Geschenk.
Ich liebe sie, ehrlich. Sie hat die perfekte Grösse für all meinen Alltagskrempel, so dass sie sicher oft getragen werden wird. Und da du fragtest: Ja, sie passt ganz sicher farblich. Erst heute Morgen dachte ich noch darüber nach, dass ich sehr zufrieden mit der wachsenden Anzahl von creme/braun/grau-Tönen in meiner Garderobe bin, da man diese so schön kombinieren kann und nicht wie ein Luchs darauf achten muss, dass der Rotton auch stimmt 🙂 Da fügt sich die Tasche also super ein.
Diese Woche ist noch etwas eng und ich komm kaum vor die Tür, da ich Montag mündliche Abschlussprüfung habe, aber danach werde ich ganz schnell Tragefotos mit ihr machen und sie ein bisschen was von der grossen weiten Welt sehen lassen.

see you soon, love


5 thoughts on “I won I won I won

  1. Thihi, anscheinend ist es mir gelungen, Hermines Beutel nachzunähen. 😉

    Ich freue mich immer noch sehr, das er dir gefällt und wünsche dir viel Spaß damit!

  2. Haha, stimmt. Moment, in der Abstellkammer liegt noch ein Zelt, gleich mal gucken ob es reinpasst^^

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