2014 – Project-rundown

Now as the year is coming to an end and my bloglovin-feed fills with reviews of the year, I feel a light pressure to write mine 😉

2014 has been a year of many changes for me personally. For the first time in my life I have been able to work in the profession I studied, I progressed in my side job, I found a phd project and I was happily able to move again and feel so much better in the new apartment now.
It has also been the year of some disappointments, a great loss and much insecurity, so nothing to be called a good year after all.
The HSF pushed my sewing output and made me try new techniques and work with antique patterns a lot, I learned very very much in the past 12 months. I am still not sure wether to participate next year again or not. Yes, I do produce more than without, but I am sure I would produce other things. I already see how the limitation of this blog to historical patterns and styles makes me hesitate to sew with modern patterns because I always fear I can’t show you enough of the things I’ve done. The challenges add their bit to this and often I don’t sew what I would like to, but what fits into the challenge and/or my blog. Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t like the stuff I make and show here, but some other projects that I am eager to try I have to put off to reach the goals I set myself. On the other hand I like a good challenge and matching a project I planned anyway with a challenge or a historical pattern has its advantages as well.

Blogwise spoken this little website moved to its very own new webspace in early 2014, I learned how to create proper watermarks and wrote 42 posts in total.
I made many new friends in the blogging world and discovered so many lovely blogs and people all around the world, XOXO to all of you!

One thing that fell behind a little this year is cooking. I did occasionally try some antique recipes, but not on a large scale. This may have to do with the flat we used to live in until August. All this long ways to and from work cost me too much energy to cook in the evening, my consumption of Pizza and store-bought Pesto increased significantly. This changed when we moved, but as you can imagine we had to settle first. Additionally I had stored my cook books in a place hard to reach and completely out of sight. I re-organized them only days ago and hopefully this will get me back on track.

Now, lets see what I made this year we call 2014 (the photos link back to the posts):

The first HSF-Challenge. A re-modelled nightshirt that completely fell apart only weeks after I made it. The fabric really was too brittle.

The 2nd challenge, my 1872 sewing-supplies-box. Maybe one of the most time-consuming projects of the year. Still serves me very well with keeping my English-Quilt-supplies together. And because we are just talking about it:

the lower part
The third out of five parts for the quilt was finished. But there is still so much to do…

Another HSF-challenge and my first attempt to work with a Lutterloh-Pattern, black cotton slip dress from 1941. Still being worn, but not very often.

I was very happy to finally finish this coat in march. Despite all the doubts I had I still wear it quite often.

My contribution to the Fall for Cotton-Sew Along. One of my favourite summer dresses, I suppose.

The last minute “Tops&Toes”-challenge-entry, cotton stockings, fake-embroidered with golden fabric paint. Unfortunately most of the paint didn’t survive the first wash, never worn again since then.

Another Lutterloh-project, this time from 1955/6, a replacement for my much loved black-half-circle-skirt. Still one of my wardrobe staples.

A kind of liberty bodice from 1905/6, made for the Black&White-HSF-challenge. Still worn occasionally as an undershirt.

One of this year’s larger projects, my late 19th century ballerina dress, made for the HSF-Art-challenge after a painting by Pierre Carrier-Belleuse. Has been in the closet since I made the photos for this post in june.

My Bette-Davis-dress after a Hollywood-Pattern from 1934. Because it is quite extravagant I don’t wear it really often, but I still like it very much.

DSC_0149 (2)
The Homage-to-Schiaparelli-Shirt. Didn’t like the result at all and the fit was far from being perfect, so this is long gone.

Vintage-Vogue-Pattern 2859. The blouse had been on the UFO-pile all the year and I finally finished it in August. Sadly I didn’t like it at all so I didn’t keep it.

My Jackie-O.-dress I sewed at a late-night-shopping-Event in Bern. I really like the subtleness of it and wore it this autumn until it got too cold.

The Yellow-HSF-challenge-entry, a 1940-dress. Though I had to learn that the fabric is a little see-through, I still like it for being a quite simple dress that doesn’t need to be ironed.

Another HSF-project, this time for the “Poetry in Motion”-challenge. I still like this black 1915-skirt, but it seems as if the fabric was of rather poor quality, after the first wash it had grey marks and looks like an old jeans now (hooray for quality fabrics at this point). But I will try to dye it so I can wear it again.

A 1872-hairbow for challenge #19. Never worn, always feel like a gift wrapping when trying. Don’t know if I will keep it because I don’t plan to make a matching 1870ies dress in the near future (or ever. The problem not being the 1870ies, but the colours).

Yeah, my I think favourite project of 2014, the 1945-Darth-Vader-Cape. Still in love with it, at the moment it is unfortunately too cold to wear it.

In full glory
The short trip into french silk-history and my first adventure in upholstery. Still love it, still in use.

Not really a project, but at least I altered it and turned it into something wearable for me.

Not counting this last dress and the quilt this makes 18 projects, 11 of them for the HSF. This means that I did not reach my goal of doing half of the 24 challenges but that I at least doubled the number of projects compared to last year.

I broadened the time span of my projects, from the early 1900s to the 1960ies. Still I would like to dive a little deeper into history and finally start larger projects from the 18th or 19th century, not only accessories. At the moment I am very much in love with the early 20th century as well and you have seen quite a few projects from this period in the past year already.
Well, as we are already talking about the first quarter of the past century and before someone asks: The Christmas dress is almost done. Unfortunately it is just another example of how completely unable I am to chose fabrics according to a pattern. You will see the result of this in a couple of days.

What else are my plans for 2015? I have a couple of projects that should get finished, others still wait to get started. I have no idea what the new year will bring me and how much time I will have to sew or to blog, so I shouldn’t make too many plans for this.
After the holiday-season is over I would hope to get back to my twice-a-week-blogging-schedule, though I already see how time-consuming this is after having done so only a few weeks.

I wish you all the best for 2015, thank you all for your time, your words, your support, for being in my life, see you next year!

love, ette


9 thoughts on “2014 – Project-rundown

  1. Ach, schöne Sachen hast du genäht und gefertigt. Der Mantel! Das Cape! Die Kleider! Der Quilt! Die Nähbox! Der schwarze lange Rock! Ich schwelge. Auch wenn du den Fokus deines Blogs nicht verlagern möchtest, könntest du doch eine neue Kategorie einführen, falls du doch mal nicht-historische Projekte vorstellen möchtest. Z.B. “Was ich gerade mache” sowas in der Art.
    Es ist schön, dass es deinen Blog gibt. Ich besuche dich gerne. Auch im neuen Jahr! Auf viele weitere tolle Nähprojekte (und auf das Weihnachtskleid bin ich gespannt). LG mila

  2. You did some pretty amazing things this year and all that while trying to settle into a new job and a new flat! All good wishes for your next year, maybe we will see each other again… ^^

  3. So viele tolle Projekte auf einen Haufen! 😀
    Ich glaube, am liebsten mag ich dein Cape und den schwarzen Tellerrock mit der Pünktchenbluse! 🙂

    Zu deinen Gedanken mit dem Blogfokus: Ich meine ja immer “Mein Blog, meine Regeln” – ergo: Wenn du gern auch andere Sachen vorstellen willst, mach das doch! Ich würde mich freuen. 🙂

  4. Vielen lieben Dank, es freut mich so sehr so etwas liebes zu hören!
    Nunja, ich habe “normale” Projekte ja aus zwei Gründen hier rausgenommen: Erstens weil ich diese für andere nicht als besonders interessant erachte (ich nähe nicht überaus ordentlich, ich mach keine herrausragenden Fotos, ich designe nicht selber, ich habe einfach das Gefühl, damit nicht wirklich etwas zu transportieren). Zweitens weil mein eigentliches Ziel für diesen Blog ja ist, dass man nicht nur mit Klamotten sondern auch mit Schnitten vom Flohmarkt durchaus alltagstaugliche Dinge nähen kann und man nicht alles ständig neu erfinden muss, dass man aus einer 30 Jahre alten Burda einen ebenso schönen Schnitt wie aus einer 30 Tage alten holen kann und dass es absolut kein Hexenwerk ist, mit historischen Schnitten zu nähen.
    Aber die HSF ist ja bspw. nur bis 1945 ausgelegt, weshalb auch Schnitte aus den 50er bis 70er Jahren derzeit etwas kurz kommen. Vielleicht sollte ich nächstes Jahr einfach öfters mal drauflos nähen und nicht so viel auf Challenges und Sew-Alongs geben (andererseits mag ich Blog-Parties und Link-Ins sehr gerne, hach, alles schwierig). Und zudem spukt mir da noch eine Idee für eine eigene kleine Blog-Serie im Kopf herum. Naja, wir werden sehen 🙂
    Sei auf das Weihnachtskleid gespannt, es ist bis auf eine kleine Umänderungsaktion die noch folgen muss fertig. Aber es ist…eigen *hust*

  5. Thank you very much, yes, it was quite a busy year.
    I wish you all the best for 2015, too. Yes, maybe we will see each other again, I initially had plans to come to the board meeting in Essen in November, but then everything got a little chaotic here and the meeting was postponed to December. But maybe next year it will work, who knows. And if you ever fancy to visit this land of cheese and chocolat I would be very happy to show you Bern.

  6. Ganz lieben Dank 😀 Aber die Pünktchenbluse hab ich nicht verbrochen, die ist ganz schnöde gekauft^^
    Ja, “mein Blog – meine Regeln” stimmt schon, aber ich hab diesen Fokus damals ganz bewusst gelegt, um meinem Blog ein Profil zu geben und weil ich mich selber in diese Richtung entwickeln wollte. Jetzt steh ich so zwischen “gesteckte Ziele erreichen” und “sich selber einengen”. Ich muss vielleicht einfach mal ein paar Nächte drüber schlafen, bringt ja auch nichts wenn ich unzufrieden bin mit dem was ich mache.
    Wünsche dir einen guten Rutsch!

  7. Gut, im Moment bin ich großer Sew-Along-Fan (hahaha, wo ich gerade EINEN mitgemacht habe), deshalb würde ich jetzt sagen, schraub das nicht zu sehr zurück. Aber ich verstehe schon, was du meinst. “Eigen” – so so so… Jetzt bin ich noch gespannter…

  8. Ette — what a lovely reflection on the past year. You surely have made beautiful clothes even if you didn’t end up liking them in the end. I also love the variety of fabrics and garments you sew. Can’t wait to sew what 2015 brings for you!

  9. Thank you, well it’s not as if I liked nothing I made 😉
    We’ll see what the new year will come up with^^

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