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Yes, it’s been a while…

I am really sorry for having disappeared from the screen without saying anything at all.
It all began when someone else was chosen for a job I had so longed to get. This made me hit the ground really hard, not only because I had hoped to be the lucky one, but also because so many people had encouraged me to apply and had given me some positive signals regarding my success. Most of the weeks passed in a blur, I felt terrible, unmotivated and I have to thank my costiveness and my last bit of reason for not letting me buy my first pack of cigarettes in eight years.

The second thing that was really killing me was our apartment. I had to go by train so early each day and came back so late. It was dark, gloomy and because of its size and the little time I had left in the evening it was neither comfortably tidy or clean, in the end it was really a dusty mess. It was so loud, in the few quiet moments where no train or motor truck made it impossible to hear myself think I was able to listen to every word and every step of the landlord living above us. Our cat was so bored, being not allowed to go outside and having to wait so long until we came back from work. In the evenings, when I was barely able to cook dinner, she wanted the attention she had longed for all day. She even started to scratch herself until it bled because she didn’t know what to do with herself (not unlike me, my skin looks like a mixture of a mars desert and a volcanic eruption aftermath at the moment).

Now we moved last week into a much smaller appartment, but it is so bright and lovely, much more quiet and at the same time much brisker. You hear the street a little, but not a word from the other parties living in the house. If you open the window you can hear the distant humming of the motorway, but also chatting neighbours and playing children (the old house was completely isolated, only the landlord with his partner and us two).

Though it is smaller, all my stuff is so much better accessible (simply because I had put everything in a locker and had closed the door back in the old flat, now I had to think about how to organize my things with less space and worked a lot with boxes and magazine files on top on shelves, so I see them).

my book-shelves, a small poster I plan to hang above the flpwers still needs to be framed.
my book-shelves, a small poster I plan to hang above the flowers still needs to be framed.

I have only lived here for little more than a week, but it still feels more like a home than the old apartment did after a whole year. In this first week we did all the things we had planned since moving in the other apartment a year ago, bought furniture for the balcony and a barbeque, decorated the walls with photos and pictures, I even sewed curtains. Somehow we never had the motivation to do it in this dark cave of a flat and now it is as if we cannot wait to catch up with everything.
All this ill-feeling, moving and life as a whole made me forget about blogging, reading and posting. So I was welcomed by 5781 spam comments on my blog and 349 posts in my bloglovin-feed, please excuse that I won’t read them all, I am sure I will miss a lot. And please excuse that I didn’t answer your comments on my last posts, Jeannine, Jen, Draped in cloudlets, Amy and Anthea !

the chest of drawers contains UFOs, things to be repaired and the like. The old prints and textile pictures I put on the right wall on purpose, because it is protected from direct sunlight.

I didn’t have much time or motivation to sew in the past few week, but I finally finished a blouse I had already started in january (you see it on my sewing mannequin). I will show it to you in a separate post.

the chest of drawers contains UFOs, things to be repaired and the like. The old prints and textile pictures I put on this wall on purpose, because it is protected from direct sunlight.
still plenty of space for more pictures^^ And while everybody else registers at pinterest I finally decided to get my own mood board.

I have to confess, the title wasn’t chosen only because I feel like being home again, but because two topic related beauties also are. My Singer Featherweight went to see the sewing machine doctor for a check-up and sews like she left the factory only yesterday. And another sewing machine made its way into my collection. My father had found a 1920ies General Electrics Sewing machine in America earlier this. The seller claimed it to be the precursor of the Featherweight,   the patent being bought by Singer and turned into the now iconic small sewing machine. My father bought it and had it sent to his girlfriend’s son, who lives in the States. This was all a few months ago and when he wanted to pick it up last month he had to see, that the seller had sent the wrong machine, instead of the small early 20th century GE one a heavy and complex 1970ies Bernina record 730. All attempts to contact the seller failed and because he didn’t want to throw it away, brought the Bernina with him, back to Germany. Last week my brother visited, helped me with moving and gave it to me. I haven’t had the opportunity to test it yet, but it looks great. It is signed with “made in Switzerland”, so this, too, is back home. If the man who assembled it somewhere here for the American market could have imagined that it will find its way back, some 40 years later?

10 thoughts on “back home

  1. Glad to hear about your new apartment. Sorry to hear about the job. Cannot wait to see your new blouse and all your new makes in your new space!

  2. Thank you very much. I love it already so much more than my old sewing space, though it is not completely finished yet.
    Sewing with the Featherweight feels a little weird at the moment. It always made a quiet, rattling sound when sewing. Now after the check-up it is gone, kind of unfamliar, like sewing with a different machine^^

  3. Thank you, Annie,
    Well, I am positive that a new opportunity will come soon and I that don’t have to think about this job anymore.
    The blouse will be the object of my next post, though I am not really content with it. But I am so motivated to start new projects, I have to be careful to not to neglect the work I have to do. 😉

  4. Oh, wie schön wieder von Dir zu lesen, ich hatte mich schon gewundert! Das mit dem Job tut mir sehr leid, ich kann mir vorstellen wie das an einem nagt… hoffe es geht Dir bald besser. Deine neue Wohnung sieht wirklich toll aus, das hilft bestimmt. Die vielen kleinen Bilder und Rahmen gefallen mir sehr 🙂 Liebe Grüße!

  5. Vielen Dank! Inzwischen geht es mir schon besser, muss ja doch weitergehen 😉
    Es sollen noch mehr Bilder dazukommen. Zur Zeit mangelt es vor allem an Rahmen, Bilder hätte ich genug^^
    lg ette

  6. Deine neue Wohnung sieht total schön aus!! So richtig stimmungsvoll und gemütlich 🙂 Ich mag die ganzen Bilder an der Wand voll!
    Schade dass es dir so schlecht ging, aber umso schöner dass es dir jetzt besser geht und du dich wieder wohl fühlst!

  7. Naja, mal geht es schlechter, aber dann auch wieder besser.
    Und ich hoffe, es kommen noch mehr Bilder dazu, über der Nähma ist es noch so kahl^^
    Aber da möchte ich auch auf jeden Fall noch eine kleine Ablage haben, für all den Krempel der sich sonst hinter der Maschine sammeln und dann regelmässig runterfällt.

  8. Irgendwie habe ich seit Monaten keine Aktualisierungen über Feedly mehr erhalten und dachte daher, dass dein Blog tot ist (weil ich die Seiten selber eben nicht mehr ansurfe). Und dann sehe ich auf Facebook etwas über einen neuen Post und jetzt habe ich eine Menge zu lesen!

    Schön, dass du dich jetzt wohler fühlst, auch wenn es traurig ist, dass du ein Jahr in der alten Wohung “verschwendet” hast…

  9. Ich hatte nach meinem Umzug auf die neue Adresse das Problem, dass der Rss-Feed nicht funktionierte, da bekam ich vielfach die Rückmeldung, dass das nicht funktioniert. Daraufhin habe ich versucht das zu ändern und mir im Endeffekt die ganze Website zerschossen. Und der daraufhin zur Hilfe gerufene Telefonservice hat es dann wieder aufgebaut, aber gleichzeitig die Adresse angepasst (von /wordpress auf die Haupt-Url). Daher funktionierten die Feeds bei keinem mehr, ich hatte aber auch keine Chance, das mitzuteilen, weil ich über die /wordpress nicht mehr schreiben konnte.
    Habe es in mehreren Posts geschrieben, aber eben, wenn die Posts nicht angezeigt werden bringen die Hinweise auch nicht viel. Aber schön, dass du wieder da bist, war schon etwas verwundert, gar nichts mehr von dir zu lesen.
    Naja, verschwendet war das Jahr nicht ganz, denn wir haben viele Fehler gemacht, aus denen wir gelernt haben und aus der Wohnung davor mussten wir auch dringend raus. Also war das schon ok. Erst heute morgen war Wohnungsübergabe und jetzt kann ich mich ganz auf die neue Wohnung konzentrieren 😀
    lg ette

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