Basic in black

One of my most worn wardrobe basics is my black half-circle-skirt. I made it in july 2012, inspired by a post on Casey’s Elegant musings.
From its beginning it had a few flaws, the worst one a lack of fusible interfacing in the waistband (simply because I didn’t find it and was too eager to sew to search it).
As for so many projects, I used the black fabric I originally had bought for my prom dress, with the wrong side out, because of that terribly shiny surface on the right side; you have seen it in my victorian sewing supplies box I showed you in january.
Now, having worn the skirt everytime as soon as it re-entered my wardrobe after washing, it began to show signs of use, the fabric turned grey and to make things worse I managed to iron it too hot, leaving a shiny mark next to the back seam.
I desperately had to sew to a successor!


After consulting my patterns and sewing books and having considered what would be suitable for every day wear, I went for a 1955/56 Lutterloh-Pattern.


I used the same fabric (but it was the rest, there nothing left of it, finally!) as for the old skirt, again with the wrong side out. For the back of the pocket and the waistband I used the right side, I don’t know if it is really visible in the photos (I have to excuse myself for the photos anyway, the camera settings were complete rubbish and I only noticed shortly before publishing this post, but I didn’t want to wait until I would be able to take new ones).

the bright dot is the zipper’s slider.

When looking closely at the shadow the pockets casts in the drawing, you could see that the two parts of the skirt should both form the pocket, creating a really large pocket.

DSC_1820(no, he didn’t tell me that my sleeve was crumpled)

I decided against this, because I know me. Though I love pockets, I would have my hands in them all the time and I would carry around half my handbag in them. Instead I sewed the pocket’s rear piece, cut in one piece with the back of the skirt, directly onto the back of the pocket. The edge on the front part was finished with a wide facing and this facing I connected to the back of the pocket. This left me with a different pocket opening, the rear part lying flat and it left me with a very shallow pocket of maybe 5cm, enough to store some coins for the coffee-break, but not enough to hide my whole purse.


The pattern didn’t include a waistband. So after I had sewn the rest of the skirt, all I had to do was to cut a strip of fabric as long as I wished (it could have been longer, though), enforce it with fusible interfacing (yes, this time I knew where it was!) and a strip of stiff upholstery fabric (because it is really wide and really tight-fitting, I shouldn’t eat too much wearing it).

DSC_1822(nor that my petticoat was peeking out)

Because old Lutterloh-Patterns are not really made for cut-and-go-sewing I started this skirt working very fast and without any serging at all. After I saw that this skirt was really going to be a success, I finished all seams by hand with a red satin binding.


The zipper is hand-inserted, too. The waistband closes with a skirt clasp and two small press fasteners.


blouse: collectif, skirt: Lutterloh/by me, petticoat: Blutsgeschwister, shoes: Ochsner


So much for today, see you soon, love,


12 thoughts on “Basic in black

  1. Gefällt mir sehr gut: wie der Rock fällt, die Breites des Bundes, die Länge. Und du siehst von Kopf bis Fuß wunderhübsch aus – als Fotograf kann man solche Kleinigkeiten wie Unterrock und Blusenärmel dann ja gar nicht wahrnehmen 😀

  2. Thank you. I haven’t sewn much with Lutterloh, but I already like it. Though I have not yet tried something with a fitted silhouette, maybe if I will I know why so many face fitting issues when working with this system.

  3. Oh, hergefunden habe ich schon öfter und ich meine auch, ich hätte kommentiert, aber manchmal meine ich das auch nur 😀

    Und rotwerden musst du ja nun gar nicht, du siehst absolut bezaubernd aus und solltest das auch wissen 🙂

  4. Sieht toll aus, auch zusammen mit der süßen Bluse! Jetzt hab ich direkt Lust mir auch gleich so einen schönen schwarzen Rock zu nähen, aber ich habe schon so viele… danke übrigens auch für die Tips zum Bemalen von Stoff, ich habe mir jetzt wirklich überlegt damit in nächster Zeit mal was zu machen. Liebe Grüße!

  5. Danke dir! Ich hatte eben keinen schwarzen Rock mehr ausser diesem alten, daher war das bei mir bitter nötig.
    Und nochmal zu den Stoffmalfarben: Ich hab die Strümpfe jetzt gewaschen und das metallische Glänzen hält nicht wirklich, also die Farbe ist noch da, aber der Glitter kaum noch. Wär also vielleicht doch was für die Handwäsche.

  6. Thank you so very much. I really hope it will be much worn, though I really exagerated with the small waist, it is a little too small to be comfortable for example to wear it to work.

  7. Oh, da ist wirklich nie was bei mir angekommen, das tut mir leid. Sonst hatte ich dir schon früher geantwortet, aber manchmal verschwindet sowas ja leider doch im Nirwana des Internets. 😀

  8. Thank you very much! I was really lucky to find this blouse on sale and I love it!

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