A confession…or maybe two..no…ahem, three?

First I want to thank you all for your comments on my 2014-round-up and your advise on how I should cope with my concerns.
Yes, you are completely right, this is my blog and I should show here what I want. But I still like the setting of this blog as it is. In the end I have come to a conclusion, consisting of mainly three changes:

– I won’t participate in this year’s Historical Sew Monthly (it has changed to only half the challenges for 2015).  If something I make coincidentally fits a challenge I will maybe post it in the facebook-group, but on the blog it will appear as a project without any greater connection to the HSM. Participating in this project means that you are willing to participate in as many challenges as possible. As I can’t say I want this to be my aim for this year, I would consider it weird to post accidentally fitting projects as challenge entries.

– in the future I want to be less strict with what I show here. If I make something with a modern pattern that I consider suitable for the blog, I will show it. Short, I want to be less strict to myself. First product of this change of mind you can see further below.

– I still won’t include modern looking patterns, I would like to keep the historic/retro touch of this blog. But I can’t deny that I love some modern styles, too and so I want to be able to give in and sew something completely different when I want to. At the same time I want to push myself a little, try new styles and materials, I just like a good challenge.
Therefore I joined the monthly stitch collective. As with the HSF you face monthly challenges, but these aren’t limited to historical styles and you have a group-blog for all participants instead of a link-up (Oh, and you are free to join as many challenges as you like).
I am sure you will see some projects published both here and on the MSC-blog, but other projects will be shown on just one of the two.  My most recent post on the MSC-blog will be linked below the MSC-button on the right and I will inform you about them on my facebook-page. Like this I am able to show you my modern sewing projects as well, without changing this blog’s  focus.

I hope these changes will help me find a balance between historic and modern sewing and I hope you are ok with them.

Now, let’s come to the confessions mentioned in the title. First, I cut my hair and this already in late november. The photos I posted in december were all made only days before this. The better part is still long and brown, but on a day off alone in our flat I apparently stood in front of the mirror too long and cut myself a fringe. I had considered this already for some time but always convinced myself, that long hair without a fringe is more versatile (and it is!). Well, this particular morning reason lost and enthusiasm took control.
I am still not sure wether I want to keep it or will already start to let it grow longer again.

Second and third confession are very closely connected to each other: I have to much fabric, that’s for sure. I don’t want to buy any new fabric, at least that’s what I keep telling myself. But when I went to Ikea a couple of days before Christmas I somehow ended up in the fabric section…oops. You see where this is going 😉
Amongst all the bolts lay a leftover of white lace with polka dots, 1,5m to be exact. And before I had even realized what happened it lay in my basket. But only because I had a very clear idea in mind and indeed, I managed to realize this idea before Christmas eve. This is the third confession because this makes it a 2014 project and I didn’t include it in the round-up. The main reason for this is, that I didn’t know wether I should show it or not. But, as said above, I decided to be less strict with myself and because I wanted to show it, I just do now 🙂

parvasedapta.ch-Lace Skirt IV

My idea was a very simple half-circle-skirt with a layer of lace on top. As fabric to go underneath I chose a magenta-coloured microsuede I bought already years ago. I loved the pattern on it, but soon considered it to be “too much” and so it lay in my stash for a very long time (very long in this case means at least seven years, though I can’t tell exactly).
Some years ago I turned some of it into a wrap-dress (Burda easy fashion spring/summer 2006), using the shiny back as the main fabric and the patterned right side only for accents.

parvasedapta.ch-Lace Skirt II

For the skirt I proceeded similarly, the lace is facing the shiny side (making a very slippery slip indispensable because the patterned side is …well…sueded)) while the waistband shows the patterned, right side of the fabric.
I treated both layers (lace and fabric) as one and only hemmed them seperately. For the underskirt I used white bias binding, what  is my favourite hemming method for round hems. When the skirt was done and had hung for one day on my dress form I cut the lace’s hem , leaving it a little bit longer than the fabric underneath.
The skirt closes with a zipper and a hook in the centre back.

parvasedapta.ch-Lace Skirt I

Well, and that’s all I suppose. The waistband is stiffened with fusible interfacing. I didn’t calculate how it works with other sizes, but the cutout in the middle of the half-circle was enough to make a 2cm-wide waistband from it, of course with a seam in the middle. But if you don’t have any more fabric, 70/75cm (depending on the width of your fabric, 140cm or 150cm) is enough to make this skirt in a small size.  Please consider that the length of the skirt depends on your waist circumference, the larger this is, the slimmer is the ring that forms your skirt and thus higher is the final hem.

parvasedapta.ch-Lace Skirt III
pullover: Lyon flea market – skirt: ette – underskirt: ette, (used to be a curtain) –  stockings: ars vivendi – shoes: limelight – hairbow: ette (pattern: Der Bazar 1872)

As you may have imagined, this whole idea, spontaneous lace-buy and quick execution before Christmas was an attempt to substitute the not finished Christmas dress. Funny enough, even though I finished the skirt I didn’t wear it on Christmas Eve, as was planned, but the next day when we visited some friends.
Today I can tell you I finally finished the Christmas dress yesterday, now I only need some time to make some good photos with it.

I wish you a lovely sunday!


14 thoughts on “A confession…or maybe two..no…ahem, three?

  1. Happy New Year to you, Ette! I think this is a good time to reassess as well. Your vintage “makes” are beautiful, but I think you should blog about your modern creations as well, because you are more skilled in sewing than many of the people your age who are blogging. You can give them help and ideas! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hehe, der Spitzenrock ist ja vom Prinzip her wirklich wie meiner – lustig, dass wir parallel die gleiche Idee hatten. Ich freu mich auch über Posts über modernere Nähprojekte. Bloggen funktioniert oft am besten nach dem Lustprinzip, und wenn man sich zu viel verbietet, dann kann sichs wie eine Pflichtaufgabe anfühlen, und das soll es ja nicht sein.

    Gutes neues Jahr und viele Grüße!

  3. Der Rock ist bezaubernd und auch der Pony steht Dir wirklich gut 🙂 Ich sehe das übrigens auch so, es ist Dein Blog und Du solltest damit machen was Dir Spaß macht. Ich finde man merkt es manchen Bloggern an (nicht Dir!) wenn Sie zu sehr darauf achtgeben was Ihren Lesern gefallen könnte oder sich fest an einmal geschmiedete Pläne halten und dabei dann die Lust daran verlieren oder den eigenen Stil/ihre Entwicklung aus den Augen verlieren. Ich freue mich auf viele weitere tolle Projekte von Dir!

  4. I am glad that you have decided to be less strict on yourself and make your blog the way you want it to be! I am also glad you decided to show this skirt! I love it! The lace overlay is just beautiful! Looks amazing on you, great job!


  5. Oh, das ist aber echt ein süßer Rock! Steht dir wirklich ausgezeichnet! Und so ein bisschen 50ies-Vibe hat er ja doch, wenn man nicht so streng ist. Aber egal ob er jetzt zu modern ist oder nicht, ich finde er steht dir sehr gut 🙂 Und es ist doch klasse so einen “alten” Stoff endlich mal zu verarbeiten!

  6. I have really enjoyed The Monthly Stitch — it has gotten me out of my comfort zone. I lost steam towards the end of last year because of all the contest they had but I made a promise to sew more. This month — denim!??! I’ve got to start thinking.

    Love the skirt (and the photo shot — so darn cute!) and your hair.

  7. Happy New Year to you, too! Thank you so much for your very kind words! Didn’t expect that somebody could have such a high opinion of my sewing 🙂
    Thank you!

  8. Ja, das dachte ich auch, als ich deinen Post gelesen habe (und offenbar habe ich gar nicht kommentiert, ich wollte nämlich eigentlich noch schreiben, dass ich dann wohl grad einen Gardinen-Rock nähe. Das kommt davon, wenn man neue Posts “mal eben schnell” im Zug liest).
    Vor allem da mein Blog ja ein reines Hobby ist, sollte es sich nicht wie eine Pflichtaufgabe anfühlen, da hast du sicher recht. Ein hoch auf hedonistisches bloggen .-D
    Lieben Dank, dir auch ein gutes Neues, lg ette

  9. Vielen Dank! Die Spitze macht den Rock leider sehr empfindlich, mal sehen wie lange er überlebt (aber ich hab ja nochmal genausoviel Stoff, dann gibt es eben einen Zwilling^^). Und der Pony gefällt mir prinzipiell schon, aber man ist halt doch eingeschränkter. Aber ich behalt ihn erst einmal und kann ihn dann immer noch rauswachsen lassen, wenn ich genug von ihm habe (bis zu meiner nächsten friseurtechnischen Spontanaktion höchstwahrscheinlich).
    Danke für deine Einschätzung zur “Neuausrichtung”. Ich bin sehr froh, dass ihr das alle so gut aufnehmt und euch so freut. Ich hab doch noch gar keine konkreten Projekte 😳

  10. Thank you so very much. Unfortunately the lace is so very delicate and gets easily damaged, so I will have to be very careful when wearing it.
    I am very glad you like both the skirt and my New Year’s resolutions,

  11. Hihi, so alt, da ist der Stoff schon fast Vintage 😆
    Und eben solche Projekte meine ich. Du sagst ja, irgendwie ist er schon ein wenig 50ies, also passt er vom Stil ganz gut. Und daher werden es vielleicht hier doch mehr neue Sachen als ich grad vermute, ich näh einfach keine Bluejeans.
    Vielen lieben Dank für dein Lob, lg ette

  12. Thank you so very much! Now, after having ordered my camera remote, I finally managed to handle the self-timer 😉
    And another thank you, because in fact it was you that led me to The Monthly Stitch, I discovered the button on your blog and was curious.
    I like that realizing all challenges is not the aim of this collective, so I have an incitation but not a huge pressure if I won’t succeed.
    Well, denim is not my cup of tea, either. But I had a small pink leftover in my stash and when the additional challenge was anounced, to make something pink or to combine it with the denim-challenge to celebrate this year’s colour, I just had to smile and well, I just hope everything comes out as I plan 🙂

  13. EIn sehr niedlicher Rock und eine tolle neue Frisur! Ich finde deine ENtscheidung, deinen Blog etwas liberaler zu gestalten nicht schlecht- Ich bewundere dich weil du letztes Jahr so viel Zeit in den HSW gesteckt hast! Ich nähe zwischendurch lieber modern und konnte mich deswegen auch noch nicht überwinden richtig mitzumachen…

  14. Vielen Dank! Da ich ja meine Garderobe ein wenig in die Vintage-Richtung ausrichten will, empfand ich die HSF gar nicht als Einschränkung, sondern als Ansporn. Erst im Laufe des Jahres merkte ich dann, wie eingeschränkt man eigentlich in seinen Projekten ist. Und dass der Zeitraum 1945 endet schließt leider auch alles aus den 50ern und 60ern aus. Mal sehen wohin mich The Monthly Stitch dieses Jahr führen wird.

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