My Bloglovin-Link changed

Some of you reported me, that my posts aren’t shown in their Bloglovin-Feeds. After my own attemps to solve this lead to a catastrophe (blog gone, only a 404-error left, wasn’t able to log-in anymore etc.) I called the technical support and he really solved all the problems I had (well, concerning this blog 😉 ).

First, you don’t have to type in the www. anymore, my blog will be found as well when typing only

Second, my Blogposts are shown in your feeds again, BUT: the adress changed!
Bloglovin saved my blog with a /wordpress-adress. Now, this adress was deleted, because it was part of the problem.

Unfortunately, Bloglovin doesn’t understand, that the adress without the wordpress-ending is the same blog, I can’t delete this old adress and I can’t write to the followers of this adress (because it doesn’t exist anymore).

To be informed about new posts on this blog, please un-follow the /wordpress-adress and instead follow You can find it in my bloglovin-profile or you can simply click on the button at the bottom of this page.

Sorry for all this chaos and confusion

Rose garden, Berne, june 2012

See you soon, love,