First signs of insanity

Can anybody remember what I wrote in my first post in 2013?

I said that I wanted to sharpen my blog’s profile, concentrating on historic, historical or historically-inspired fashion, crafting, textiles.
I occupied myself a lot with Vintage-fashion this year, discovering a whole new world and learned an awful lot.
As a side-effect, this made my blog appear like a Vintage-blog, concentrating on mid-20th-century fashion. I have nothing against neither Vintage in general nor mid-century-fashion, not at all. But it is hard to claim that this blog is about historical textiles of all epoches, when this year’s oldest project dates from 1942.

And do you know why this happened? Not only because it interested me this year above all, but because I can wear it. As I already said in my last post, 9 projects in a year really isn’t much and the time I have had to sew I used to make garments that I can wear at least more or less every day. Though it was always a dream of mine, doing this with 18th-century-patterns isn’t that easy.

But this year I didn’t only learn a lot about 20th-century-fashion, but also about myself. I learned, that I lose very much time in the internet, in front of the TV, in doing a little bit here and another little bit there, but nothing planned, throughoutly structured, organised. I know that I will be able to sew more, create more, learn more, eliminating this patchwork-planning from my daily schedule.

My plans for 2014:
– no TV alone. When I am with my boyfriend, it’s ok, but as soon as he leaves to do something different, I will switch it of and do something productive or read.
– switch the computer off. I usually have my computer running all day. This leads to constant “oh, maybe there is a new blogpost/email/answer/webpage somewhere”-moments, making me sit in front of the screen much too long. In the future I want to start the computer, do what I want to do and switch it off afterwards. If there really is something I forgot, I will have to switch it on later again, but it prevents me from checking my mails ten times a day.
– use the free time I have: In 2014 I will be working 60% of my week.  This is time I will be away from home, different to university work at home that could be stopped and done later in the evening. This leaves me with three to four days a week off work (I sometimes work half shifts), in these the household has to be done, my boyfriend might have his day off, too and we’ll be doing something together.  But there will be plenty of time to sew, to craft, to do what I like. Challenge will be, to use this time and to not let it passed unplanned.

To put it short, I have two goals for this blog in 2014: post more projects and post more historical projects. And I think I found a tool for achieving this:

Amidst 2013, being struck in my MA-thesis, I discovered a large and very ambitious project, the Historical Sew Fortnightly, hosted by the Dreamstress.
The outlines are very shortly described: A challenge to be executed every two weeks. The challenges are announced some time ahead, so it is possible to work longer, e.g. on a larger project or to prepare something to be posted later. The challenge isn’t called historical for nothing, timeline reaches back as far as you wish to, but ends 1945.
How to interpret the challenges, how historically accurate the result is, even how many challenges are executed, is left to the participants.

And yes, it will run in 2014, again. And I will participate.

Having no idea how my work-schedule will look in 2014, having no idea what I will do in the second half of the year, being absolutely aware that I shouldn’t post only about this project (meaning I will have to sew/post more than this project), yes, you might call me ambitious or maybe already insane, it’s up to you, I haven’t decided yet 😉

Because every two week really is a tough goal, I decided to only run the “half-marathon” meaning to participate in every other challenge. So this is my goal, to do at least half of them.

But, because beginning is always easier than carrying on and because the first challenge ends on 31. January, I will see how many projects I am able to prepare until daily job routine will stab me in the back.

Now, anybody who likes to join, too?

And now I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2014, see you soon,



4 thoughts on “First signs of insanity

  1. Ich finde nicht, dass du verrückt wirkst, vielleicht ambitioniert aber das ist doch super! Ich würde auch gerne an der historical sew fortnightly challenge teilnehmen, aber ich denke dass ich das zeitlich nicht schaffen werde…

    DIe Idee, weniger TV- und Internetzeit zu nehmen und mehr selber zu machen, finde ich auch super. Ich nehm mir das mal vor für 2014! ^^ Ich wünsche dir eien guten Rutsch und ein erfolgreiches 2014… *knuddel*

  2. Danke dir, das wünsche ich dir auch!
    Und das ist ja das schöne an der HSF, eigentlich kann man so viel machen, wie man sich zutraut, sie rät lediglich dazu, sich ein Ziel zu setzen. Du könntest ja auch nur an Primzahl-Challenges teilnehmen, dann hätte man zu Weihnachten hin nicht mehr soviel zu tun^^

  3. Das mit dem Historical Sew Fortnightly finde ich eine tolle Idee! Ich habe im letzten Jahr auch verfolgt und bewundert was Leimomi und andere genäht haben und finde es sehr toll, so kontinuierlich an etwas zu arbeiten. Und den Computer öfter mal ausschalten, ja, auch eine höchst sinnvolle Idee (daran werde ich zumindest aber scheitern, leider 🙂 Ich bin aber in jedem Fall gespannt auf Deine neuen Nähprojekte!

  4. For me it is the other way around. last year was all about my 18th century wardrobe, this year the focus will be on my everyday wardrobe, which is in a vintage style. I’m very happy that the break off date for HSF14 is 1945.

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