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Please note: All the tutorials shown here were either digitalized by me from antique sources or made by me.  Feel free to use them for yourself, if you publish the project on your blog please link to the original source, that is this blog and give credit. Do not try to sell the patterns/tutorials or realize the projects to sell as products.

If you want to use the tutorials given here in whatever other context, please contact me to ask for permission, same applies to any of the photos and graphics made by me (e.t.t.e [at] gmx [.] ch).


C. von Braunmühl – Das Kunstgewerbe in Frauenhand, Leipzig 1885
(many patterns and motifs for all kinds of techniques)
Complete scan of a portfolio
Das Kunstgewerbe in Frauenhand, Titel
download from dropbox (86.5mb)

1942 Culottes

1925 Embroidery motifs
9 May 1925, I used the ornament on the left

1872 Hair-Accessory

1942/3 two ball games for children and some ideas for simple handbagsDSC_0007

1925 Christmas motifs
click to enlarge

 1925 thimble-holder, made from an empty matchbox
thimble holder, parvasedapta.ch

1910s or 20s embroidery pattern
parvasedapta.ch - Embroidered Basket IV

1920ies apron with integrated bag

1936 knitted blouse (only sceme, tutorial french)

1924 ribbon bag for a dance

1923 underwear set 

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